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Foshan Solid Electrical Co,. Ltd
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Foshan Solid Electrical  Co.,Ltd

ADD:NanJin YunHe Industrial District, NanJin ShaTou,JiuJiang NanHai,FoShan Guangdong. 528208



New Products

PB22C Lamp Holder

Lamp Holder B22

Lamp Holder type B

Lamp Holder type E


Communication Bends 90°

PVC Corrugated Conduit

Inspection Tee with Cover

Inspection Tee with Cover

Plastic Bush Double

Shallow Junction Box

Shallow Junction Box

Platic 90° 176;Elbow

Welcome to Solid Electrical  Co.,Ltd(Yuexing Plastic & Hareware Co.,Ltd), we are an established Electrical Manufacturer based in Foshan,Guangdong China with over 20 years’ experience. We offer excellent electrical products and service and a pleasant and positive response to all our customers. Our ranges of products are exported worldwide from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore to Australia, Europe and Africa. We also custom manufactures PVC products to client standards and meet various industries needs. We are here to stay so as a professional company we try our best to build a trustworthy buying experience, also we are welcoming our customers to visit our manufacturing base. We are dedicated to saving you time and money on the best electrical accessories and we are proud to offer you an excellent service for our valued customers.   Please browse our product catalogue and contact us for further information.